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Medikro Nenäpuristin - tarkkuutta mittauksiin
Medikro Nenäpuristin - tarkkuutta mittauksiin

Nose clip

Prevent test-quality loss

Product code: MRN/100

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Breathe easy

Research has demonstrated the significant impact of nose clips on enhancing the accuracy of spirometry test results. By effectively preventing air leakage through the nose, Medikro Nose Clips contribute to reliable and precise measurements.

Using the clip consistently during each test plays a critical role in achieving reliable and precise measurements. Furthermore, our noseclips are packaged individually for one-time use, guaranteeing a high level of hygiene for every patient. This not only underscores our commitment to safety and cleanliness but also spares healthcare professionals the repetitive task of sterilization.

We prioritize delivering exceptional products and services, with a special emphasis on accuracy and hygiene. It is this commitment to excellence that ensures the integrity and dependability of every spirometry result, empowering healthcare professionals to base their decisions on the most accurate data available.

Proper placement is crucial; it’s vital to ensure that both nostrils are completely blocked to prevent any air from escaping through the nose. Check out our tutorial on how to prepare a patient for spirometry, which includes a demonstration of the correct application of a nose clip.

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Spirometry Study Kit 01 

Streamline your workflow with this ready-to- use study kit. Hygienic and easy to use with single use consumables.

Bundle includes: 

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Medikro Nose Clip 

Package includes: 

  • 100 pcs of MRN Nose Clips
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