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All-in-one PC-based laboratory spirometer

Medikro Pro spirometer | spirometri
Medikro Pro spirometer | spirometri Medikro Pro spirometer | spirometri Medikro Pro spirometer Medikro Pressure Tube | Medikro Paineletku

Medikro Pro

Simplicity meets performance. 40 years of engineering in our laboratory grade spirometer

Embedded Ambient Condition Measurement

Safe, disposable accessories

Networking & Connectivity

Freddy The Frog interactive tool

Product code: M915

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The industry standard in PC-based spirometry

Medikro Pro is a highly accurate and precise diagnostic tool equipped with embedded sensors that measure ambient conditions. These sensors enable automatic real-time BTPS correction, which further enhances the accuracy of the results.

Medikro Pro and its user-friendly Medikro Spirometry Software (MSS) give respiratory health professionals the assurance of dependable results through an intuitive interface, adjustable interpretation options, and clear visualisation of outcomes. To conduct spirometry tests, Pro uses disposable Medikro SpiroSafe flow transducers that are easy to handle. For added safety, M9293 Bacterial & Viral Filters are employed to protect operators, while the Medikro SpiroSafe flow transducers safeguard patients from cross-contamination. Both products are designed for single use, which eliminates the need for disinfection and sterilisation. This makes it easy to accommodate more patients and increase efficiency.

Support for IT professionals and healthcare specialists | Erittäin koulutettu tekninen tuki -tiimimme on valmis auttamaan terveydenhuolto- sekä IT-ammattilaisia

Automated real-time BTPS correction

Sense and adjust to any environment

Medikro Pro features temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors that automatically track environmental conditions. These sensors enable real-time BTPS correction, ensuring that the results are accurate and precise.

Medikro spirometer.

VCT technology

Control the vibrations

By cancelling the signal noise caused by patient and tube movement, Vibration Control Tubing (VCT) enhances the quality of spirometry. This tubing stabilises the signal, leading to more accurate and reliable results.

Medikro haluaa tehdä terveydenhuollon ammattilaisten työn helpommaksi

Optional Bronchial Provocation

Test and measure your way

Medikro Pro provides flexibility in bronchial provocation testing by allowing users to choose from ready-made protocols, create new ones based on existing templates, or generate completely novel protocols.

3D interactive tool

Freddy the Frog, developed by Medikro, is a unique 3D interactive animation that captures children’s attention during spirometry testing. Freddy encourages maximum effort and engagement, leading to improved quality of spirometry results.

Safety and cost efficiency

The combination of hardware and software features, along with the use of SpiroSafe disposable products, not only increases patient throughput but also makes the system cost-efficient.

Quality Control

The real-time duration and flow indicator in Medikro Pro support quality control by providing operators with a quick assessment tool. This feature enables them to quickly evaluate the results and make any necessary adjustments, leading to improved overall quality.

Purchase and Service Details

Medikro Pro Spirometer (only the device itself)
This option provides only the essential device needed for spirometry, suitable for those who already possess the necessary accessories.

  • M9488 Medikro Pro PC based Office & Laboratory Spirometer Unit
  • M9354-180W USB Cable Micro-B Plug to A Plug, length 180 cm, color white
  • M9264-200 Pressure Tube with connectors for Flow Transducer, length 200 cm
  • M9831 Medikro Spirometry Software
  • M8823 Installation Guide (in electronic form)
  • M8403 Quick Instructions Guide (in electronic form)
  • User’s Manual (in electronic form)
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Basic Package
Includes the Medikro Pro Spirometer along with starter accessories for immediate use in spirometry testing.

  • Includes all items from the Medikro Pro Spirometer (package M915)
  • M9256-100 SpiroSafe Disposable Flow Transducer, 100 pieces
  • M9264-200 Pressure Tube with connectors for Flow Transducer, length 200 cm (additional)
  • MRN-01/100 Nose Clip, 100 pieces
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Full Package
Equipped with a calibration syringe, the Full Package facilitates accurate and GLP-compliant spirometry testing.

  • Includes all items from the Basic Package (M985)
  • M9474 Calibration Syringe, volume 3000 ml
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