Medikro team attended spirometry training by Mats Arne and Yvonne Sjöö: learning from the best

At Medikro our goal is to simplify spirometry and to break the myth that pulmonary function testing is difficult. Therefore, we are always looking for opportunities to learn and better understand the needs of our customers. One way to achieve this is to join with the best specialists in the world of spirometry, to see how they are operating and how they instruct others to operate.

We were thrilled to have been invited to join two of the leading spirometry specialists in Sweden Mats Arne and Yvonne Sjöö to participate in a spirometry training they designed and organized.

During 2 days of training, which took place at Karlstad, Sweden, we went through performing the spirometry manoeuvres, and interpreting the numerical and graphical results. Moreover, we went over the latest guidelines from ERS & ATS, and their local application in the Swedish healthcare.

We thank our dear friends and colleagues Mats Arne and Yvonne Sjöö for sharing with us their precious knowledge, and going to apply it to reach our goal of simplifying spirometry.

Here are some pictures from the training:

Mats Arne at spirometry training
Mats Arne at spirometry training
Yvonne Sjöö at spirometry training

Health care & Medikro against long COVID

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unprecedented challenge to our society and health care professionals made a tremendous effort to combat it. Despite the acute phase being seemingly behind, the long-term effects of coronavirus infection remain in the focus of many health care professionals, looking for ways of helping their patients to regain their well-being and improve their lung condition after the disease has been treated. We at Medikro do our best to help in this task by offering simple and reliable devices for lung function screening. Today we wanted to tell you about one of the latest examples of how health care professionals can use Medikro Duo sreeners to help post-COVID patients.

Our partner - medical center MediEllen (Pihlajalinna Oy, Kainuu, Finland), which offers a wide range of medical, HR and wellness counseling services, often encounters patients, who were cured of coronavirus infection some time ago but still experience certain symptoms, such as increased cough and shortness of breath. To date, medical science does not have thorough information about the long-term effects of coronavirus infection on respiratory function. However, it is known that many people need considerable time to recover.

Specialists at MediEllen have offered a new service for this category of patients. Patients are invited to have their respiratory system checked with the Medikro Duo screener. If the results show abnormalities in lung function, patients are referred to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. Nurses and patients appreciate the simplicity and speed of lung function examination process with the Medikro Duo device. After therapy, patients will be required to undergo spirometry again to evaluate the results and determine the next steps.

We will stay in touch with the MediEllen center and continue to follow the development of this interesting case. We invite you to contact us for more information about the use of the Duo device and to plan the expansion of your laboratory or arrange training for your staff.

Medikro presents: the new Nose Clip

We are committed to constantly look for the ways of improving our offering and delivery times, even during the fluctuations at the market. In order to maintain the optimal conditions for our customers we have updated our product line-up and are glad to present the new Nose clip. It has slightly changed visually, while remaining highly efficient at its direct purpose.

Please, be informed of the change in the product code when making your next order:
M9227 replaced by MRN-01/100.