Medikro History

The foundation for today’s Medikro Oy has been laid in 1977 when Mikko Eloranta founded the engineering company ”Insinööritoimisto Mikko Eloranta Oy”. With this company Mikko Eloranta invented and manufactured one of the first Computer based Spirometers in the World. In 1982 the company was renamed to Medikro Oy. Since then Medikro is continuously inventing, developing and refining new spirometry technology. For more than 40 years now Medikro has been and is: Your primary partner in Spirometry.

Nowadays Medikro Oy manufactures spirometers, disposable flow transducers, calibration syringes, spirometry and bronchial challenge software providing complete set for lung function examination. Medikro products are available in 26 countries across 3 continents – for further information please see our product pages.


  • 1977

    Foundation of Engineering Office Eloranta Oy

  • 1979

    Order from Defense Forces leads to development of computer-based spirometer

  • 1980

    Spirometer ME10 (1st generation, programming language: Basic)

  • 1981

    Spirometer ME20 (2nd generation, programming language: Basic + Z80-assembler)

  • 1982

    Name of the company changes from “Insinööritoimisto Mikko Eloranta Oy” to “Medikro Oy”

  • 1983

    Introduction of M101 spirometer and electrically heated flow transducer (3rd generation, programming language: Pascal + Z80-assembler, operating system: CP/M)

  • 1985

    Ergospirometer M101E

  • 1987

    Spirometer M202

  • 1988

    Ergospirometer M202E

  • 1990

    Devices and programs updated to be used with PC (4th generation, programming language: Pascal + i8086-assembler, operating system: MS-DOS)

    Spirometer M909

  • 1991

    Ergospirometer M919

  • 1992

    Spirometer M902 (Medikro sterilizable plastic flow transducer)

  • 1993

    SpiroSafe – first generation of disposable flow transducers

  • 1996

    Cooperation with NASA, Cardiovascular Autonomic Function Test System was sent with space shuttle Atlantis to MIR space station

    Spirometers D9 Universal and D9 Screening. Cooperation with NASA resulted in world’s smallest spirometer cooperating with PC

  • 1999

    Devices and programs updated to be used with Windows 95 and NT operating systems

    First version of spirometry software Spiro2000 1.0

    Spirometers SpiroStar DX and SpiroStar MX

    Second generation of disposable flow transducers SpiroSafe

  • 2003

    Introduction of SpiroStar USB

  • 2005

    Third generation of SpiroSafe disposable flow transducers

    Easyhaler PIF-meter for Orion Pharmaceutical company

  • 2008

    2nd Generation of Medikro Calibration Syringe, made from Aluminum Alloy

    New Versions of SpiroStar USB: Smart Pro and Sense with Medikro Spirometry Software Version 2.0

  • 2011

    Fourth Generation of SpiroSafe disposable flow transducers

  • 2012

    New Medikro Product Generation: Medikro Nano, Primo and Pro as well as Ambi (Ambient Conditions Measurement Unit) with new 3.0 Medikro Spirometry Software