Medikro Primo spirometer

Medikro® Primo

PC-based office spirometer

  • Durable Office Spirometer
  • More Than 90 Parameters
  • Patient Safety
  • User-Friendly
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Medikro® Primo is a professional and efficient PC-based spirometer for primary care. It is an accurate and easy-to-use system that complies with all the latest ATS/ERS spirometry standards.

Primo takes advantage of easy to use Medikro® Spirometry Software (MSS). The system provides general practitioners the assurance of reliable results with an intuitive navigation, adjustable interpretation options and clear visualization of results. Medikro® Primo utilizes familiar disposable Medikro® SpiroSafe flow transducers. M9293 Bacterial & Viral Filters protects the operators of spirometry tests, while the Medikro® SpiroSafe flow transducers protect the patients from cross contamination. Both products are single use, and thereby eliminate the need for disinfection and sterilisation, facilitating maximum patient throughput.

Primo Highlights

Patient safety

Disposable SpiroSafe flow transducers provide security in infection control. No exhaled air gets into the pressure tube or the device. This prevents patient-to-patient cross-contamination and protects the spirometer.


Medikro Spirometry Software is user-friendly and provides intuitive navigation and use.

Multiple calculation criteria and interpretation options

Medikro Spirometry Software provides multiple options for calculation of Best PEF, FEV% and FEF. In addition, interpretation options are available for ventilation function, spirometry findings and the bronchodilatation test.


With the trending feature, doctors can track the historical development of one or more individual variables. This enables monitoring and documentation of treatment effects, identification of the need for treatment modifications, and evaluation of the changes in lung function.

PDF export

Print final reports in PDF format or as images, or let the software do it for you automatically.

Medikro eSupport

Medikro eSupport is your direct link to Medikro. It offers quick response time in case of support issues and provides online assistance 24/7. There is a vast knowledge base, an interactive troubleshooter, and an FAQ and download section. Live online support is available during office hours.

Search Function

Quickly finds sessions by patient surname, examination date, date of birth, or social security number.

XML/GDT Interface

XML/GDT transfer of session results into hospital information system (HIS/KIS/EPR).


Software can be upgraded, if you need extra functionality it is available for you.


Assessment of patient’s response to bronchodilatator is facilitated by pre- and post- function to support diagnosis.

Numeric and Graphic

Results are presented in numeric and graphic form, further support for diagnosis by ventilation function interpretation and spirometry finding field.

More features

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Hardware Components

Automatic ambient unit Can be purchased separately
Spirometer included

Spirometry Measurements

TV Can be purchased separately
MVV Can be purchased separately
SVC included
FIVC included
FVC + FIVC included
FVC included

Software Features

3D incentive Freddy the Frog Can be purchased separately
Interpretation included
Automatic PDF/image export included
Pre & post phase measurements included
Measured parameters/variables 91
Fully scalable software included

Results and Databases

Automatic classification of bronchodilatation test Can be purchased separately
MS Access or any other ODBC and SQL capable database included
XML based import and export functions included
Final report basic
Reference sets 32
Patient trend reports included
Criteria of the best results: according to ATS and ERS recommendations included
Histogram included

Remote Use

Database access via the local area network (LAN) included
Final report and signal data transfer via e-mail included


Calibration with the standard 3000 ml pulmonary calibration syringe, user defined volumes are allowed included
Calibration results are recorded and stored in the calibration log file included

Measurement Details

Meets the ATS/ERS standards included
Maximum number of measurements 8 measurements per phase
Collection of the entire signal data, collection rate: 500 Hz included
Maximum duration of one measurement 60 s
Determination of 0-time in FVC by back extrapolation included
Metric and U.S. units included


TV Can be purchased separately FR Can be purchased separately MV Can be purchased separately MVV Can be purchased separately
MVVFR Can be purchased separately MVVT Can be purchased separately MVVDIFF Can be purchased separately IRV Can be purchased separately
IC Can be purchased separately EC Can be purchased separately FVC included FEV0.25 included
FEV0.5 included FEV0.75 included FEV1 included FEV2 included
FEV3 included FEV4 included FEV5 included FEV6 included
FVC%(VC) included FVC/FEF25-75 included FEV0.25%(VC) included FEV0.25%(FVC) included
FEV0.25%(FEV6) included FEV0.5%(VC) included FEV0.5%(FVC) included FEV0.5%(FEV6) included
FEV0.75%(VC) included FEV0.75%(FVC) included FEV0.75%(FEV6) included FEV1%(VC) included
FEV1%(FVC) included FEV1%(FEV6) included FEV1%(FIV1) included FEV1/PEF included
FEV2%(VC) included FEV2%(FVC) included FEV2%(FEV6) included FEV3%(VC) included
FEV3%(FVC) included FEV3%(FEV6) included FEV4%(VC) included FEV4%(FVC) included
FEV4%(FEV6) included FEV5%(VC) included FEV5%(FVC) included FEV5%(FEV6) included
PEF included PEF%(PIF) included RT10-90 included DT90 included
DT95 included PEFT included FEF25 included FEF50 included
FEF75 included FEF25-75% included FEF70%(FIF50) included FEF25-75/VC included
FEF25-75/FVC included METT included AEFV included FET included
EV included EV%(FVC) included LAGE included FIVC included
FIV0.5 included FIV1 included FIV6 included FIV0.5%(VC) included
FIV0.5%(FIVC) included FIV0.5%(FIV6) included FIV1%(VC) included FIV1%(FIVC) included
FIV1%(FIV6) included FIV1%(FEV1) included PIF included PIF%(PEF) included
FIF25 included FIF50 included FIF75 included FIF25-75% included
FIF70%(FEF50) included MITT included AIFV included FIT included
IEV included IEV%(FIVC) included TIME included VC included
VC%(FVC) included VC/FEF25-75 included VCDIFF included FVCDIFF included
FEV1DIFF included PEFDIFF included

SpiroSafe disposable flow transducer - the best solution for patients' safety

Screen-type interchangeable disposable pneumotach included
Material polyethylene, can be disposed by incineration without toxic emissions included
Flow range: -14...+14 l/s included
Back pressure: less than 0.06 kPa/(l/s), meets ATS, ACCP & ECCS standards included
Accuracy: 3% without calibration, 2% with volume calibration included
Sterilisation not required, the entire SpiroSafe flow transducer is disposable included

Technical Specifications

Physical dimensions 107*70*18 mm
Weight 305g
Frequency response 0...250 Hz (-3 dB)
Supply voltage via USB port
Temperature correction Software-based
Temperature range +10...+40°C
Relative humidity range 5...85%
Pressure range 600...1060 hPa
Quality system FDA QSR, MDD 93/42/EEC, ISO 13485
Safety standards IEC/EN60601-1, IEC/EN60601-1-2, IEC/EN60601-1-6, IEC/EN60601-1-9
Other standards ISO 26782, IEC/EN 62366

System requirements

Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Display resolution 1024x768 (minimum)
CPU 1 GHz or faster
RAM 1 GB (minimum), 2 GB or more recommended
CD-drive Recommended
USB port For Medikro spirometer

Medikro Primo - PC-based Office Spirometer

M914 Medikro Primo Spirometer
The product consists of the following components:
  • M9492 Medikro Primo PC based Office Spirometer Unit
  • M9354-180W USB Cable Micro-B Plug to A Plug, length 180 cm, color white
  • M9264-200 Dual Lumen Pressure Tube with connectors for Flow Transducer, length 200 cm
  • M9831 Medikro Spirometry Software
  • M8823 Installation Guide (in electronic form)
  • M8403 Quick Instructions Guide (in electronic form)
  • M8304 User’s Manual (in electronic form)

Medikro Primo Spirometer with Starter Consumable Pack

M984 Medikro Primo Spirometer with Starter Consumable Pack
This system includes as starter consumable pack. The system components are:
  • M914 Medikro Primo Spirometer (description above)
  • M9256-100 SpiroSafe Disposable Flow Transducer, 100 pieces
  • M9264-200 Spare Pressure Tube with connectors for Flow Transducer, length 200 cm
  • MRN-01/100 Nose Clip, 100 pieces

Medikro Primo Spirometer Starter System

M974 Medikro Primo Spirometer Starter System
This system includes all components (excluding the computer and the printer) that the user needs to conduct spirometry tests according to Good Laboratory Practice. The system components are:
  • M914 Medikro Primo Spirometer (description above)
  • M9474 Calibration Syringe, volume 3000 ml
  • M9256-100 Disposable Flow Transducer, 100 pieces
  • M9264-200 Spare Pressure Tube with connectors for Flow Transducer, length 200 cm
  • MRN-01/100 Nose Clip, 100 pieces
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