Medikro Duo - The 2 minute asthma and COPD screener

Medikro® Duo

The 2 minute asthma and COPD screener

  • Bluetooth® low energy technology
  • Quick test mode
  • On screen quality indicators
  • Calibration Free Spirometry
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Medikro® Duo is a 2-in-1 device for asthma and COPD screening. In quick test mode spirometry screening tests can be performed within 2 minutes. Speed and standard of spirometry screening are improved by Medikro’s quality indicators.

Duo takes advantage of easy to use Medikro® Spirometry Software (MSS). Patient information from MSS Persons and Studies can be used with Medikro Duo. MSS also enables EHR connectivity. Calibration free Medikro Duo utilizes familiar disposable Medikro® SpiroSafe flow transducers. M9293 Bacterial & Viral Filters protects the operators of spirometry tests, while the Medikro SpiroSafe flow transducers protect the patients from cross contamination. Both products are single use, and thereby eliminate the need for disinfection and sterilisation, facilitating maximum patient throughput.

Duo Highlights

2-in-1 for asthma and COPD

Medikro Duo can be used in 2 different operation modes: FEV6 and PEF.

Quick test mode

Perform fast screening with separate quick test mode. Complete spirometry screening in less than 2 minutes. All results can be printed and saved.

On screen quality indicators

Medikro Duo provides smart graphical quality indicators for hesitation, lazy blow, cough and early termination.

Calibration Free Technology

No calibration needed due to continuous monitoring of ambient conditions to ensure automated and constant real-time calibration of the spirometry system.

Updatable & Upgradable

Medikro spirometry systems can be updated and upgraded. Medikro Duo upgrades will provide extra functionality such as serial monitoring.

Long battery life

Battery last 7*3 min screening sessions per day for 30 consecutive days without additional charging. Includes automatic energy saving mode.

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