Advancing respiratory care with Medikro’s technology
Murcia, Spain

Advancing respiratory care in Murcia with Medikro’s spirometry technology

Murcia, Spain
January 24, 2024

In an innovative move to improve respiratory healthcare, the Murcian Health Service (SMS) has integrated Medikro’s digital spirometers across 96 health centers and clinics. This initiative, recently highlighted in “La Opinion de Murcia” and featured on Spain’s national television RTVE, marks a significant advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.

Juan José Pedreño, the Minister of Health, emphasized the importance of these devices during his visit to the Infante Juan Manuel health center in Murcia.

Pedreño stated, “Each health center will have a spirometer, and they have already been incorporated into major clinics. Approximately 11 or 12 large clinics have been equipped with these devices. The idea is to continue this expansion so that patients with respiratory conditions can be diagnosed and monitored more closely.”

Medikro’s spirometers are instrumental in capturing precise lung function data, which is now seamlessly integrated into patients’ electronic medical records. This integration enhances the efficiency and accuracy of diagnoses, facilitating better patient care.

A key figure in this initiative is Maria Jose Clemente, the main nurse in charge of the spirometers’ courses and trainings. The training programs, conducted in collaboration with the Murcian Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (Somupar), ensure healthcare professionals are well-equipped to utilize these advanced tools effectively.

A woman undergoes a spirometry test at the Infante health center. / La Opinion

A pivotal role in this achievement has been played by Juan Moreno, Medikro’s Sales Manager, as well as our distributor in Murcia, Biomedica, with a special mention to Juande. Their combined efforts and close collaboration with local healthcare specialists have been instrumental in building Medikro’s reputation among healthcare authorities in Murcia. The dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts of both Juan and Biomedica have been key in fostering trust and facilitating the widespread adoption of these advanced diagnostic tools.

Medikro’s spirometry systems offer a comprehensive solution – from performing the spirometry test to the dissemination of results. This technological advancement not only provides a detailed analysis for more accurate diagnoses but also enables smooth information transmission, crucial in complex healthcare scenarios. The impact of this technological integration extends beyond individual patient care. The data collected and analyzed through Medikro’s spirometry system will aid in understanding regional health patterns, potentially guiding future environmental and health policy decisions in Murcia.

As a leading manufacturer and seller of spirometers and accessories, Medikro is proud to be at the forefront of this crucial healthcare transformation in Murcia. We remain committed to enhancing respiratory care through innovative technology, comprehensive training, and the collaborative efforts of dedicated professionals of Medikro’s team, ultimately contributing to a healthier future.

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Advancing respiratory care in Murcia with Medikro’s spirometry technology


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