Medikro team attended spirometry training by Mats Arne and Yvonne Sjöö: learning from the best

At Medikro our goal is to simplify spirometry and to break the myth that pulmonary function testing is difficult. Therefore, we are always looking for opportunities to learn and better understand the needs of our customers. One way to achieve this is to join with the best specialists in the world of spirometry, to see how they are operating and how they instruct others to operate.

We were thrilled to have been invited to join two of the leading spirometry specialists in Sweden Mats Arne and Yvonne Sjöö to participate in a spirometry training they designed and organized.

During 2 days of training, which took place at Karlstad, Sweden, we went through performing the spirometry manoeuvres, and interpreting the numerical and graphical results. Moreover, we went over the latest guidelines from ERS & ATS, and their local application in the Swedish healthcare.

We thank our dear friends and colleagues Mats Arne and Yvonne Sjöö for sharing with us their precious knowledge, and going to apply it to reach our goal of simplifying spirometry.

Here are some pictures from the training:

Mats Arne at spirometry training
Mats Arne at spirometry training
Yvonne Sjöö at spirometry training