Medikro Ambi - Ambient Condition Measurement Unit

Medikro® Ambi

Mobile Ambient Condition Measurement Unit

  • Fully Automatic Ambient Condition Measurement
  • Real-Time BTPS Correction Improves Accuracy
  • Automatic Follow-up
  • Comfortable Plug & Play Technology
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Medikro® Ambi is a system extension for Medikro spirometry systems. Its integrated temperature, pressure and humidity sensors automatically monitor your laboratory, exam room, or any other climate-dependent area.

Ambi increases the system accuracy through automated realtime BTPS correction. Efficiency is improved by eliminating the need to manually update the ambient condition factors. Ambi has been designed to complement the Medikro® Nano spirometer. It is compact, durable and can be transported within the Nano transport bag.

Ambi Highlights

Automated real-time BTPS correction

The temperature, pressure and humidity sensors track environmental conditions automatically and enable true real-time BTPS correction.

Plug & Play technology

Medikro Ambi connects to a PC or Laptop via standard USB port. Ambi is detected automatically via Plug&Play technology.

Quality control

Automatic storage of ambient conditions within the calibration log, allows for later checks and trending reviews.


Medikro Ambi is the best solution to upgrade your mobile Medikro Nano spirometer when you require laboratory test quality in the field. Due to its compactness, you will retain portability, adding just 10g of weight.

No battery

Medikro devices use the USB PC interface, which provides the power supply and standard connectivity for the device.

Practical transport bag

The practical transport bag provides easy and safe transportation for your Medikro Nano and Ambi.

Interpretation of Results

Adjustable interpretation options: Ventilation, Bronchodilatation, Spirometry findings, etc.


Monitors treatment effects, documenting potential need for treatment modifications and changes in lung function.

PDF export

Print final reports in PDF or as image, our software will do it for you automatically.

Medikro® Warranty & Safeguard

A service package which provides security and other benefits for all Medikro end-users.

XML/GDT Interface

XML/GDT transfer of session results into hospital information system (HIS/KIS/EPR).

Choice of Parameters

Free choice from over 100 parameters; various parameters can be chosen for an onscreen view and for the final report.

Quality Control

Real-time duration and flow indicator support quality control, providing a quick assessment tool for operators.


Assessment of patient’s response to bronchodilatator is facilitated by pre- and post- function to support diagnosis.

Numeric and Graphic

Results are presented in numeric and graphic form, further support for diagnosis by ventilation function interpretation and spirometry finding field.

More features

Medikro Ambi – Mobile Ambient Condition Measuring Unit

M911 Medikro Ambi - Mobile Ambient Condition Measurement Unit
This product will measure ambient temperature, pressure and relative humidity. The product consists of the following components:
  • M9489 Medikro Ambi Unit
  • M9353 USB Cable
  • M9831 Medikro Spirometry Software
  • M8823 Installation Guide (in electronic form)
  • M8403 Quick Instructions Guide (in electronic form)
  • M8304 User’s Manual (in electronic form)
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