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Dear Medikro Spirometry Software user

We have found a date-related problem in Medikro Spirometry Software 4.0, which shows up if the SQL Server user language is other than English. When storing a study, for example, day and month parts of the date may interchange. If the day of the month is 13th or greater, Medikro Persons and Studies application displays an error message when saving.

It is important to check the setting value and act in accordance with the measures.

Checking the setting value

The setting can be checked from SQL Server Management Studio. Log in to database instance. Click to open “Security” and “Logins”. Select to show “Properties” for the login “pbuser”. Select tab “General”. Check the value for the setting “Default language”.

Login “pbuser” was created by Medikro Database Creator while installing spirometry databases. It is used by Medikro Spirometry Software internally. There is also administration login that has been created for the Medikro Administration Tool usage. Username of that login was selected by a person that created spirometry databases. Check the language setting also for this administration login.

Actions for different settings
If the “Default language” is “English” for the “pbuser” and administration login, there is no date problem in Medikro Spirometry Software. No further actions needed.

If the “Default language” is other than “English”, date problem occurs. This setting has to be changed to “English” for “pbuser” and administration login.

Restart the spirometry software after changing the setting. Date problem doesn’t appear anymore when saving. If there are persons and studies that have been saved to database earlier with incorrect dates, this change does not fix their dates and they remain as they are. Problem doesn’t affect on person’s birthdate, it’s saved correctly in all cases.

For more information, contact Medikro technical support by sending a ticket trough eSupport.

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