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Dear Medikro Spirometry Software user

We have found a problem in final report of Medikro Spirometry Software version 4.0, which causes a situation where error message “TextFileParcer.exe stopped working” appears and person’s final report is not shown. The problem occurs, when reference set that supports z-scores is in use (Kainu or GLI2012) and at least one of the measured z-score values is below the drawing area (z < -4.5).

This problem can be solved by running a patch file according to instructions below.

This patch applies to Medikro Spirometry Software version 4.0.



  1. Download a patch file M9888_Patch_for_MSS_(UserNote_M5242).exe from Medikro eSupport ( Knowledgebase->Downloads->Open Patch”->”Patch for MSS 4.0 (User Note 42)“. The patch is a self-extracting program that adds the support automatically. Patch can be used with Medikro Spirometry Software version 4.0 only. Optionally, you can request a patch installation cd from Medikro.
  2. Close the Medikro Spirometry Software, if it’s running in the workstation.
  3. Run the patch by double-clicking the M9888_Patch_for_MSS_(UserNote_M5242).exe. Run the patch file as an administrator.
  4. If the operating system asks: “Do you want to allow the following program to make changed to this computer? Patch for Medikro Spirometry Software (User Note M5242)” answer “Yes”.
  5. After running the patch, program will show a message of successful operation. Click “OK”
  6. You have to restart the Medikro Spirometry Software.


For more information, contact Medikro technical support by sending a ticket trough eSupport.

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